Meet Ariel’s Prep Team!
-from left to right-
Ivy~ Ivy always lived in the Capitol, she was born wealthy, making her a stone cold bitch. She soon became a member of the District Four’s female prep team. She styles the female tribute’s nails. Doing extraordinary work, is Ivy’s best quality.

Juliee Huang~ Juliee loves doing hair. She is fascinated by it. So she became the hair stylist for the District Four’s female prep team. Juliee has a bubbly personality, she often helps her prep team relieve stress by telling jokes and funny stories. She always tries to connect with the female tributes, so they are not stressed for the Games. She encourages others to follow their dreams, they might just come true.

Auvia Sho~ Auvia hides her emotions. She is the mysterious member on the prep team. Auvia helps by waxing and styling the eyebrows on the District Four’s female tribute. She hardly gets along with any tribute, her resentment for the Games is the cause.

Fleur~ Fleur is the head stylist. She creates the wonderful outfits for District Four, along with (Kai’s stylist). She usually bonds with the female tribute, having a soft spot for any volunteers. She gives little advice about the Games to any tribute, unless she gets close to them.

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